Hey how’s it going not to piss any one off here I love the movie satb its a great movie I am a truck drive I got a kenworth around the same time zone as the one in the movie mine has a removeable bunk like most of them back then and if its a then it had one but to my point if u notice in the movie when the where in side the cab they had. Hi Pat, someone said they found it sitting in a hay field in Northern Arkansas using google maps http: Lindsay gave him two cases. See the 19 comments from this page that were archived. If you search online you can find short hood A’s covering V’s.

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18 Wheel Beauties: Famous Trucks – Snowman’s Truck (“Smokey & the Bandit”)

xnd There were 3 trucks used in the movie. The scene with the trailer mural in it is where the character of Daryl Norman Reedus and another actor are hiding behind the trailer alongside a road waiting to ambush the Saviours local asshole thugs Altho dirty looking it is easily recognized from the figure of the highway-man holding up the stage coach. There were a few sign painters there smokey and the bandit truck also painted trucks.

Wayne is a self-described die-hard fan of the Smokey movie and owns two replica Trans-Ams. I smokey and the bandit truck in the motion picture industry and I have been following this thread over several years and nobody has found these trucks yet? The color around the mural as well. It came with documentation from Universal Studios verifying it as a screen used vehicle.


It’s hard to change www.

: Kenworth W A in “Smokey and the Bandit, “

I would love to see at least one of the original Kennys used in the film, but hey it’s been 42 years and it’s doubtful anyone knew smokey and the bandit truck classic would still be this popular in Nearest town or highway? I’ve notice several others others have mentioned about vandit a Kenworth W as a spoiler in The Walking Dead series – Season 7 Episode I would have to confirm at least one trailer survived because in the early 80’s my brother went with my mom to L.

The supposedly “Smokey And The Bandit truck” exists. I saw this rig in the early 90s in Rome ga close to Spears mattress the man who owned it lived in Rome heading out towards Kingston. That is not Snowman’s trucl. They are and I heard somebody say there was a used in the movie,wrong.

I don’t know where it is, I know where smokey and the bandit truck was. Comments are property of their authors. See a photo of the truck in the tweet below. I figured that it was a “stunt double” and not the pretty, up-close trailer that was used. Super thin Gold pinstripes accent the front fenders.

The trailer in TWD was in fact used in Smokey. I just watched a show on the Speed channel called “American Trucker”. Not sure what happened to it. Here smokey and the bandit truck some photos!

So what is the latest news on this truck as of 26th July ? I have also been told the man died last year and the truck and what was left of the trailer was hauled to Salvage GM in Valdosta, GA for scrap. What makes the comedian resident KW expert think that Smokey and the bandit truck models with short hoods didn’t come off the production line with V8’s?


It’s another dead end. Possible location in Clay County.

1977 Kenworth W MODEL

Its not the original. I didn’t see it after that. The Kenworth WA used in the scene were snowman gets beat up and even before he gets beat up cause when he pulls into the gas station where he gets beat up it’s still smokey and the bandit truck truck just listen to the motor it’s a 4 stroke Detroit Hey it actually is only a Kenworth that was used in the movie.

Hi everyone ‘just found the truck from smokey and the bandit actually on an episode of the walking dead shown on amu but it does look a bit rundown on there thought you might like to know.

As far as paint codes for the truckBlack Coffee is main color. Smokey and the Bandit smokey and the bandit truck is in the Walking smoke, you can see it clearly, new season, episode 2. So if you want to know about it, hit him up.