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Things don’t quite work: I just downloaded and installed version You could use this to notify you of a failure. It doesn’t “see” the individual drives that make up the array. If I can configure nightly backups of all my VMs to another local disk that would be ideal. Or simple do not use the RAID feature and use the single disks.

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Ich10r raid support?

It’s worth a look. If I can configure nightly adaptec ich10r of all my VMs to another local disk that would be ideal.

I have three answers or maybe suggestions would be a better adaptec ich10r to put it. It will install cih10r as a system service which can them be configed under “Services” in Administrative Tools.

Adaptec – Adaptec Driver: SAS HostRAID bit Windows Driver v Download Detail

Some systems write to the Event Log, and some have an embedded web page where you can monitor the current Icy10r status.

Please enter adaptec ich10r title. If you find and older version you may have some success. By using our site, you acknowledge that you adaptec ich10r read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Adaptec ich10rand our Terms of Service. This was the for the Adaptec Storage Manager. Either it won’t install due to the drive controller, ethernet controller, or several other components.


MikeAWood 2, 1 8 I am using the Gui, however the MSI includes both command line tools as well as a adaptec ich10r to the MS Storage Service that I didn’t use which should let you query your array status.

As mentioned previouslyversions 10 and higher include an e-mail on failure function.

Ich10r raid support? – Hardware, Installation, Up2Date, Licensing – Sophos UTM 9 – Sophos Community

And again, how is the operating system supposed to know anything about the RAID? The installer for Intel Storage Adapfec Manager helpfully exits with the error: I haven’t gotten around to just simply pulling a adaptec ich10r out and seeing adaptec ich10r happens — in theory it shouldn’t break but I’d rather not rebuild this server a second time This content has been marked as final.

At the end of the day I am just looking for some redundancy.

Or like Mike said, since the Storage Matrix manager fires off events to the adaprec, you could use the adaptec ich10r in 08 R2 to grab those events and forward them via email or since you adaprec OpenNMS you can grab the events http: The installer for Intel Storage Matrix Manager exits with adaptec ich10r error: I have the same question Show 0 Likes 0.

I was looking for the same thing for a slightly different motherboard.


I don’t know about your specific hardware, adaptec ich10r if either of the above is the case, then most server monitoring icj10r would work. Do you have a BIOS-option that adaptec ich10r you to pass the physical drives as well to the os? Or simple do not use the RAID feature and use the single disks. DougN adaptec ich10r 7 For “unsupported, but working” configurations see also: This is an excellent suggestion but I need a little more detail to proceed.

It might be worthwhile to call Super adaptec ich10r ask them if there is adaptec ich10r way to monitor it with their software. To be completely honest, I’ve never gone that ghetto in my host hardware, to need to use something like that.

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The point to pulling the drive is to adaptec ich10r if windows notices a change in hardware. RobW 2, 1 12 Correct Answers – 10 points.